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MeetWilliam Armstrong, MD

Dr. Armstrong is an ENT doctor whose primary clinical interests are in head and neck cancer surgery, thyroid and parathyroid surgery. As a thyroid cancer specialist, Dr. Armstrong has a strong interest in minimally invasive procedures to treat head and neck tumors including endoscopic and robotic approaches to head and neck and thyroid tumors. Dr. Armstrong also is a member of the UCI skull base team, and the UCI Robotic Oncology Group in Orange County, CA. In addition, he is utilizing ultrasound in the outpatient setting and incorporating office based ultrasound into clinical practice and resident education.

As a head and neck cancer specialist, Dr. Armstrong’s primary research interest is Head and Neck Cancer Chemoprevention and early detection of head and neck cancer. He is involved in NCI clinical trials for oral cancer prevention. Dr. Armstrong is also interested in noninvasive optical imaging of head and neck cancer and premalignancy. He is actively involved with the Optical Coherence Tomography Project at UC Irvine and Beckman Laser Institute.



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Trusted Professionals

Dr. Armstrong has been a faculty member of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at UCI since July 1994.

New Developments

Dr. Armstrong incorporates the latest techniques into his clinical practice and with his residents.

Latest Research

Dr. Armstrong focuses on early prevention and is involved in clinical trials for oral cancer prevention.